Master Security

Ltd.MasterSecurity is a team of highly trained professionals, who provide professionalprivate investigator,bodyguard, security dog handler,technical solutions anddevelopmentservicesfor different cases and situations to ensure safety - your safety!

Our team consists of physically and psychologically prepared guards, detectives, analysts and bodyguards with international experience. Our dog handlers have more than 30 years of experience in working with dogs. The main criterions for the selecting of our staff is professional, with high sense of responsibility and years of experience in the field. Employees are trained and evaluated and international exchange programs.

Master Security Ltd. offers high-quality self-defense courses, led by physical education teachers - former special forces officers and sports classes close combat masters. Years of experience in training and a variety of services done in Latvia and beyond has helped to learn how to be the best in the industry - to be the Masters!

Ltd. Master Security is a rapidly growing company in the Latvian market. Currently numerous detective, bodyguard and security services are provided by numerous licensed security companies. In acompetition so fierce, the company's management is taking regular and well-considered service quality improvement measures, introduction of new services and provides a loyal pricing policy.

Ltd. Master Security team is working for your safety!